Shear Success: 4 Tips for Your Child’s First Trip to the Barber

Getting your child’s first haircut can be an intimidating experience. There’s the fear of whether your kid will act up, the stress of making sure everything goes according to plan, and all those other emotions that come with this milestone.

The best way to take the stress out of this experience is by working with the right barbershop. Our barbershop in Bloomington, MN, works hard to provide customers with a great experience. We will have no problem giving your kid a modern and appealing haircut.

Are you trying to prepare for your kid’s first haircut? Consider these helpful tips.

Selecting the Right Barber is Important

The most important part of your child’s first haircut is selecting a professional and experienced barber. A skilled barber will be able to assess your child’s needs and create a great-looking haircut. At Upper Cutz Barbershop, we have highly experienced barbers that have experience creating modern cuts suitable for young kids.

Let Your Child Practice Sitting In a Chair

It is essential to have your child practice sitting in a chair before they go for their first haircut. This will help them get used to being in the barber’s chair and make them more comfortable. Sitting in a chair also helps with anxiety about getting their first haircut, making the experience much smoother.

Explain the Process To Your Child

You must also explain to your child what will happen during their haircut. Tell them that the barber will use special tools to cut and style their hair, and they may have a cape put on them for protection.

Explain that it may take some time, and there may be some noise from the clippers, but it will be over soon. It’s also important to let them know that the barber may ask questions while they cut and style their hair.

Furthermore, explaining to your child that the barber may move their head or body and that they should stay still while getting their haircut is essential. When you visit our barbershop in Bloomington, MN, you can get the service you deserve.

Let Your Child Select Their New Hairstyle

When you get your child’s first haircut, it is important to let them choose their hairstyle. This will help them feel comfortable and excited about getting a new look. Letting them pick the style lets them know that they are in control of how they want to look and that you trust their opinion.

Our experienced barbers can help guide your child through the process and show them different styles that would look good on them. We can also work with you to create a unique and perfect style for your little one.

It’s Time To Visit Our Barbershop in Bloomington, MN!

Is your child ready for their first haircut? If so, book an appointment with our barbershop in Bloomington, MN!

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