A Big Barbershop

Okay, what does that mean? When you have a big barbershop, what are you talking about?

Well, you’re talking about a barbershop where people want to come in, where it’s busy because people are always doing haircuts. But you’re also talking about a place (kind of like ‘Cheers’) where everybody knows your name – a place that you can come to, relax, and socialize while also looking your best when you leave the chair. 

We’ve got both of those criteria handled, along with the best professional haircutting methods like straight razor cuts and fades and whatever you need. Our people look good when they leave – and like coming in the door when they return. And that’s the business, in a nutshell, although there’s a lot more to it than that. Hair cutting is. 

In some ways, a science, and that’s part of the legacy of the old “barbershops” that used to function more like pharmacies. Anyway, we are proud to be a modern shop with great success and a great social vibe. 

By the Numbers

When you look at our website, you can see that by the numbers, we have a lot of people coming in the door regularly and getting haircuts here. 

We have numbers for visits per day, the number of shops operated, and the number of clients served.

We even have neat little icons to help identify these data points for you! That’s for starters – but you can also see the evidence of how popular we are when you walk in. 


On the website, you can also visualize the experience and think about what visiting will be like.

We have a lot of regulars, and a lot of new visitors, too, and a lot of people find us online. 

Often, they’re glad they did, and they tell other people. So you can see how there’s a kind of synergy that happens between online advertising and word of mouth. One, as they say in the barbering world, washes the other. 

Custom Cuts

Our people know how to give you that unique look that you want, whether it has to do with trimming, feathering, fading, or any other kind of hot style. 

Beard and mustache grooming

Beards are tremendous things, but sometimes they just get unruly. That’s another place where we shine – we’re among the best in the business in managing your big beard!

We also sell beard oil and other kinds of stuff. We can recommend what’s best to keep your facial hair in good condition., according to the best new science. 

We know the ins and outs of this business like no one else. Come down to Upper Cutz Barbershop and enjoy a real experience and a darn good haircut. You’ll be back! 

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